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Code of Responsible Investing

Elevate’s code of responsible investing is a supplement to Elevate’s ESG Policy. The code of responsible investing was created to assure accountable investment practices which mitigate reputational, financial and/or legal damages to Elevate and its team members and confirm compliance with mandated policies.

Elevate shall:

  • Not invest in any part of its exclusions list
  • Maintain investment measurement and management systems for ESG
  • Not invest in companies that have created irreparable harm to Society of Environment
  • Make sure that portfolio companies abide by its ESG Policy to its capabilities
  • Promote ESG practices and reporting outside of its organization and to the extent of its capabilities

To create Responsible Investment Systems, Elevate Shall:

  • Assist its portfolio companies in the creation and establishment of ESG management systems
  • Actively review ESG compliance of its portfolio companies through agreed upon action plans, correspondence, and engagement
  • Provide a grievance mechanism through where alleged breaches of the Code can be reported
  • Publicly report on its ESG implementation
  • Review and update the code and policy
  • Adopt and implement policies and procedures regarding the prevention of extortion, bribery, fraud, corruption, and financial crime
  • Properly record and report tax information as per governmental and standard accounting norms
  • Shall implement a whistleblowing policy for the reporting of misconduct

Every investment of Elevate shall:

  • Implement IMM system and standards where applicable
  • Not use forced labor
  • Not use child labor
  • Pay wages equal to market norms
  • Pay wages that are not below governmental indices
  • Not discriminate in during the requitement process
  • Provide reasonable working conditions in line with governmental expectations
  • Not cause significant risks to the health and safety
  • Not restrict opportunities for women and girls

To the best of its knowledge and abilities, Elevate shall uphold this Code of Responsible Investing within its investments, portfolio companies, and any other venture.

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